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No Matter What...Get it Done

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

After telling the the world (social media, family, and friends) I wrote a book, the first question was how?! When did you have time with the baby?! Well my fellow readers, it doesn't happen overnight. I'll be glad to share some things that worked for me and allowed me to get my eBook completed.

  1. I didn't write all my poems at once. I had at least 10 of them sitting in a box for a few years. As you may see some of my poems are reflecting a younger me, that's when I wrote them. My very first poem in my book, Is She Still Alive?, was written when I was about 19 years old.

  2. Set a goal or timeline on when you want to complete the project. Once I was fully motivated to finally compile my poems, I made sure to mark my calendar (on my phone, my planer, and my wall calendar) on a rough date. Stick to it.

  3. Now what you all are asking... how in the world you do this with a baby?! There were many days I couldn't even get to work on my book due to my loving but so busy baby boy. When I did have a slither of time it would be around his naptime, while he is playing in his playpin or those late nights. You know, the nights when they wake up around 2am, feed them, change them, put them back to sleep, then jot down what's on my mind and go to sleep. In the morning I would perfect what I wrote and add it into my contents.

  4. Research...Research...Research. Google is the bomb! I had an idea of self-publishing a book and found many resources online. I even took a crash course on publishing, it was 6 weeks long, but well worth it.

Honestly, once you set your mind on something, just do it. In the beginning there were many doubts on how I would even start this journey but look it's done! No matter what challenges are thrown your way, get it done.

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