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First of Many Interviews

It's been a little over 2 weeks since I announced to the world my poetry book will be launching. Overwhelmed with excitement is an understatement. Also, extremely nervous!! Exposing myself and promoting my website, business pages and book, I was introduced to a young woman who writes blogs herself. I noticed she does "Author Spotlight's" on her website.

What drew my interest to her was that she showcases predominantly women and people of color on their writing and published works.

Being both... of color and a woman, I had to get myself and my work out there. After contacting her for more information, she sent me all the criteria's and how to proceed.

She was a great person to work with and easy to communicate back and forth via email.

Not having a team behind me to market my first self-published book, I can say I'm doing pretty ok getting myself out there. Using social media is a great way to capture the audience you need. I didn't know that there are groups out there for writers, black women who writes, poets, and the list goes on.

Remember, you can make anything happen once you put in time and dedication.

I know there is way more I need to learn and do but hey.. this is a great start!

To read my mini interview please visit:

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